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Hey there! It’s your lucky day to stumble upon my blog!

What started off as gradual progress in technology and a few fancy gadgets to be used in offices making work easy ended up in a total worldwide tech Boom. Beginning in the early 2000s, the worldwide web has expanded impressively in two decades. In the beginning, it was initially used for business emails and the like but is now a necessity in our daily lives. Rightly so, as our mobile phones work as our own mini robots, summoning and fulfilling our needs of the hour.

But with all this ease comes a challenge: how do you keep up?

Information overload is real, especially since many electronic companies are tied in competition and are releasing new gadgets, software and programs for our Mac and Microsoft. There are Android and iOS; their developers working tirelessly to make our already easy lives all the more comfortable.

But when it comes down to the personal level, well…

How do you know which cellphone works for you? How would you know the necessary hacks and the basic dos and don’ts of it?

Gmail, Google Apps, Facebook, Twitter, Google search engine, Maps… all of which neatly fits in your jeans pocket – do you know how to work around them and crack the not-so-familiar hacks?

Here’s where my blog helps you out – with as simple as an unboxing of a new Samsung, Sony or iPhone to bigger things such as knowing how to use WhatsApp as a private store for your documents and notes – you’ll find it all.  In a time when everyone has access to a platform to raise their voice, my work speaks for itself as I break it down to minimal time and effective presentation.

With all these smart gadgets, however, there are major to minor setbacks such as viruses, harmful malware, and bugs that may not be visible to every person but greatly challenges the devices’ performance and are a serious threat to our content. I’ve got you covered in that area too. Slideshows and articles showing step by step processes, breaking down the pros and cons of new software out there will clear out your confusion and help you stay focused on what you need when you need it.

About Me:

I hold an Engineering degree in Computer Science and have previously worked for famous clients. I am passionate about creating better and brighter technological inventions as I believe there’s always room for improvement. My essays have been published in a few local magazines and the feedback has always been positive.

My Aim

My main aim is to make technology more accessible to people who find the mainstream media’s coverage of it to be too confusing or overwhelming—and my writing style reflects that philosophy.

My detailed presentations are created in the style of how-tos and guides and cover topics such as podcasting, writing, social media, blogging, and inbound marketing.

My unboxing videos help cover up all the necessity pros and cons of the latest that hits the market.

So hey! Welcome to the ever-growing family of Tech Stuff NC.

You’ll learn to love it here J