Best External Hard Drive For Mac
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Best External Hard Drive For Mac

When it comes to working with Mac, limited internal space and upgrades are best circumvented by choosing an external hard drive that will help you to magnify your space. Besides, when you get best external hard drive, it will ensure you have plenty of space to arrange your work, files and much needed backups. This is because we all know, just like any other computers, Macs are prone to crushing and you are not guaranteed of full files recovery for in some cases, the damage is permanent or can be very expensive. Further, when you have the best external hard drive and all your documents are backed up, it is easy to carry your work along and access it at your convenience. This therefore tells us that best hard drives for Mac are not just an option but a very essential.

With the necessity of having an external hard drive for your Mac fully understood, the next thing would be what to consider when you go to purchase one. It is important to note that your purpose and specific needs adds to the tech decisions that will ultimately decide on which hard drive will suit you. Balancing between price, storage space, outer appearance and connectivity speeds is part of what you will have to consider before you step in the shop or click that “purchase” button if you will be ordering online.

Here are some of the main things you will have to consider:

Outer Appearance: While most people think this should be the least of any worries when deciding the best external hard drive (For more info for your Mac, it may not be afterall. If your hard drive is for backup at home or keeping safe in a cabinet drawer, this should not worry you at all. On the other hand, consider someone who needs to carry his hard drive everywhere and produce it in any office; for them, it should look neat and durable to endure the “rough terrain” of being carried all the time.

Speed: This refers to the rate mechanism at which your hard drive will connect to your computer. The issue of functionality here also ties into play because if you are using your hard drive for backups at home, lower speeds may just be fine but if you are to be handling heavy files like videos, graphics and other huge files, you will need to consider going for high I/O speed.

Warranty: This is one tricky issue to handle for it varies with manufacturers. While all hard drives come with a warranty, it’s the terms of what is covered in the warranty and the length that will come into perspective. You will find that a long and more comprehensive warranty is always attached to slightly high pricing. We all hope that there will no issues arise but in case you are in doubt, go for the extra price and ensure you are safe with warranty.

Networking: This mainly deals with wireless support. Most modern Hard drives have built-in wireless support, mobile hotspot and files streaming. Should you be a person who would like an all purpose hard drive, why not consider this as a factor.

Compatibility and Portability:

You would like an external hard drive that is compatible with most machines and can handle any file format. On the other hand, your hard drive should be portable. All hard drives are portable but if you have to carry it all the time, a small but big sized in terms of data would work best for you.

Let’s now briefly look at some models in the market currently:

The next six models I will review are most common but it is the details about the specifications that matter and which you have to consider.


WD My Book 3TB


This hard drive uses a USB 3.0 connectivity making it fairly fast. Its storage capacity is 3TB and it is fused with HFS+ making it compatible with OS X. The price ranges at $110.

Seagate 2TB USB 3.0 Backup Plus Slim Portable Hard Drive

It’s a slim profile hard drive which is easily portable. Besides being USB 3.0, it has wireless synchronization for mobile devices and wifi connectivity. Storage capacity is 2TB but because of the extra features, it retails at $120.

LaCie Porsche Design P’9233 3TB Hard Drive

A 3TB storage device that is compatible with OS X and Time Machine. Portability, performance and sleekness is combined and comes with a nice aluminum rugged case. The 3TB size retails at around $140 and the prices go up the size to 8TB.

WD My Book Thunderbolt Duo w/TB Cable 8TB Hard Drive

This is a high level hard drive in terms of performance and storage. It relies on Thunderbolt to handle I/O and can be combined with other devices. At 8TB, its price is at $570

Silicon Power Armor A60 External Hard Drive

This hard drive is hardened and quite practical. A USB 3.0, it is designed for outdoor despite its space being in 1TB and 2TB. The price is $59 and $100 respectively.

Transcend 1TB Thunderbolt SSD

It has a very fast reliable speed and its capacity is at 1TB. Performance combines SSD, Thunderbolt connectivity and HFS+. A USB 3.0, the price begins at $600.

Hard Drive For Mac
4.5 out of 5


4.5 out of 5