Use One Two Lash to Avoid These 6 Dangers of Other Fake Eyelashes
July 16, 2017 Share

Use One Two Lash to Avoid These 6 Dangers of Other Fake Eyelashes

False eyelashes are an innovative method to accent eyes and also doll up your appearance– promptly. Long, lush lashes are a staple of feminineness, and for those that normally have them, wonderful. For those that don’t? We should find a way to fake them. Those eyelash extension packages you can get at your favored local pharmacy include sticky glue that could have any type of some contaminants, like formaldehyde, which is a chemical that can hurt your eyes.

These are just a couple of the challenges of fake eyelashes– but there are a lot more. Here are 6 risks of fake eyelashes, as well as how you can prevent them using One Two Lash.

The risks of

1. Stressful pulling and touching:

One of the most effective features of obtaining fake eyelash expansions is that they include a fuller, thicker aim to your normal eyelashes. Yet the only method to attach incorrect lashes is to glue them to your all-natural lashes right– where they outgrow your eyelids. This is a sensitive location, and also most individuals have the tendency to fidget with their falsies, so they wind up consistently tugging on their natural lashes.

2. Eye Damage

If you have actually ever before worn fake eyelashes, you could already understand that they are not one of the comfiest elegance accessories available. Simply applying the lashes on your own at home could leave you with incredibly unpleasant and even poisonous glue on your skin. The application process also often involves putting sharp things near your eyes. And all of this can trigger natural eyelash loss.

3. Costly price

If you yearn for complete lashes on a daily basis of the week, you might have considered going to a swank eyelash salon. There you’ll locate a slew of lash experts who will carefully apply specific areas of extenders to your all-natural lashes. This solution can set you back anywhere from $150.00- $200.00 per session. Nevertheless, you’ll have to kick back right pull back because chair up to three times a month to maintain the appearance of your temporarily lavish lashes.

This could not seem as well costly at the start, but in time, some females could wind up handing over thousands of bucks– simply to maintain this momentarily extravagant look.

4. The price of tools

If you are applying fake eyelashes in the house, it can be extremely hard to add the adhesive and also use them to your lid without the aid of devices. Many people make use of tweezers, eyelash curlers, and also other sharp things in order to get the task done. And also this can be really dangerous! Simply one blunder, as well as you could create permanent damage to your eyes, delicate skin, and even your vision.

5. Uncomfortable Removal

After batting your long, and also lovely lashes at your beau (as well as anybody else you can), you might be all set to go back to a natural look … nonetheless, it might not be that very easy. Elimination of traditional fake eyelashes can be ultra uncomfortable– as you tug the lashes far from your delicate eyelash line, tearing as well as tearing your sensitive skin.

6. Time taken

When you wish to get glam lashes, you could need to set aside an excellent chunk of time. It could cost you up to three hours to buy, prepare, and also use incorrect lashes in your home (or even more time if you choose the salon extensions path). That has the moment?

You could stay clear of these unsafe of standard fake eyelashes. There is an additional alternative

Why choose One Two Lash?

What happens if you could have long, lush, and also all-natural looking lashes without all the pain, hassle, and also potential injury of other types of fake eyelashes? Well currently, you can. Presenting the exclusive micro-magnetic innovation of One Two Lash! Developed to earn your very own lashes look much more dramatic, these magnetic lash extensions get rid of the need for toxic adhesives as well as expensive journeys to the lash salon.

Taking your strong look to the following level is as easy as One Two Lash!

How to apply One Two Lashes?

Get rid of the top eyelash from the box (the one without the red dot), as well as hold it just over the top lash line of your eye.

Line up the corner sides of the One Two Lash with the edges of your eye’s all-natural eyelash line, and set the lash down.

As the top One Two Lash rests on your all-natural lashes, eliminate the bottom lash from the One Two Lash box (the one with the red dot).

Pick it up, and straighten the sides of the bottom One Two Lash with the bottom edges of your all-natural eyelash line. After that the micro-magnets will certainly satisfy together, pressing your all-natural lashes. And you’re all done!